Vision & Mission

In this fast developing world, time has become a limiting factor for all people. Unlike the ancient India where people had time for doing various activities that kept their body and soul healthy. Today people are busy with their day to day works and of course they are unable maintain their body healthy and wealthy. In this scenario, we realize the immense importance of martial arts in our life.

Today, Karate is one of the most important martial arts hat gaining immense support from our country. Karate is known to have originated in Japan and later spread to other Countries. The main attractive factor that beholds us to Karate is that it keeps our body as well as our soul pretty healthy. When we speak about the word health, we ought to understand that it has a wider and broader meaning. Health is a combination of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. A regular practice can keep us healthy and energetic for the whole day. The benefits of practicing Karate are innumerable. It helps in generating a sense of confidence in us for doing various activities in our day to day life. Being social committed association of Karate we thought are responsible to take part for developing a healthy Society. By doing various type of edification programs and by opening new branches over the district we are trying to make our part neat and finery.

The other important aspect that Karate puts forward is self-defense, especially for ladies and girls. Today, we are come across lots of news about girls of various age and ladies getting abused in many situations. Through learning Karate, girl get many self-defense techniques and it increase the confidence level as well as the presents of mind vey higher so they can escape from such attacks easily.

“WE TEACH RESPECT EVERYDAY” this is what we really follow. Our main aim byspreading Karate is to build up a society of people with great Responsibility, Respect, Social Commitment, Love and Peace. A well-being citizen are always the asset every Nation. Only then, they can contribute their best for the development and prosperity of the country. Thus Karate, besides merely being a martial art plays a major role in the overall development of the Nation. Disciplined Karate class teaches a lot of values like Discipline, Self-respect, Good attitude. And we assure that we can make this all.