Kenyu Ryu Karate Academy Kozhikode

Kenyu Ryu Karate Academy Kozhikode, is the Kozhikode District Chapter of Japan
Karate Do Kenyu Ryu India as well as JAPAN KARATE DO KENYU–RYU,
the world-famous Karate School founded by Soke Ryuichiro Tomoyori.
JAPAN KARATE DO KENYU – RYU, our parent organization has its
Head Quarters in Osaka, Japan. It has been affiliated to
Japan Karate do Federation. Our National organization
work with the Head Quarters at NMDC Campus
Kalpetta, Wayanad.

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Team of Champions

This holds equally true for the
world of Karate.

Head Of The Academy

"The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of characters of its participants" Karate class help children learn personal discipline and confidence. Sessions demand that each child respect and trust their instructor as well as each other. The best of instructors will stress that kids learn accomplishment, modesty, strength of mind and drive from their Karate lessons. Regular practice of Karate leads to great stress relief, Improve physical and mental health, Increased energy, More self confidence and so on.


News & Events


Successfully completed Kerala Kenyu ryu Invitational Karate Championship 2017.

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Successfully completed Kozhikode District Kenyu ryu Invitational Karate Championship 2017.

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Kyoshi Gireesh Perumthatta

Our National body is Headed by Kyoshi Gireesh Perumthatta (7th Dan Black Belt Japan, KAI, WKF also the Judge of Asian Karete Federation). He was the former Karate trainer of Kerala Police Academy.He has represented our Country in the World Karate Kobudo Championship, in the year2009 held at Okinava, japan. Represented the Indian Team in the Srilankan Kenyu Ryu Inernational Championship in 2010 as the Indian Coach and the same year he got appointed as the Indian Chief for kenyu Ryu , by Grand Master Soke Ryuichiro Tomoyori. At present he is promoted as the Asian Chief of Kenyu Ryu Karate Do.